February 22, 2024

5 things to know for February 13: Gun violence, Nor’easter, Trump, TikTok, Moon mission


Several major retailers, including Costco and Trader Joe’s, have recalled items containing dairy products linked to a Listeria outbreak. The list of contaminated foods has recently been expanded to include certain types of yogurt, cheese and salad dressings.

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Investigators are trying to determine what motivated a 36-year-old mother to unleash a barrage of gunfire at a popular Houston megachurch on Sunday in an incident that injured two people, including her 7-year-old son, before she was killed by police. The shooter had a history of criminal charges and mental health problems, federal law enforcement sources said Monday. Analysts say the shooter’s complicated history adds to the uncertainty around establishing a motive and has created a “conundrum” for authorities to determine whether the shooting was done out of hate or a mental health crisis. There have been at least 44 mass shootings in the US so far this year, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive.

Millions of people are bracing for a severe Nor’easter – a storm that rages along the east coast of the US and typically has coastal winds from the northeast. The storm will knock out power and significantly disrupt travel, work and school. Some parts of the region, including New York City, could see the heaviest snowfall in more than two years, with up to 2 inches of snowfall per hour in the hardest-hit areas. Governors in several states, including New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts, are urging people to work from home and avoid non-essential travel amid concerns that snow and high winds will create treacherous road conditions. Hundreds of flights have also been affected, most of them to or from major airports in New York, Boston and New Jersey.

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Nor’easter will reach the northeast early this week

Former President Donald Trump asked the Supreme Court on Monday to intervene in the dispute over whether he can claim immunity from prosecution for alleged crimes he committed during his presidency. Trump specifically asked the Supreme Court to temporarily block a scathing and unanimous DC Circuit decision from last week that roundly rejected his claims of immunity from election subversion charges brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith. How the Supreme Court responds to Trump’s request will have a huge impact on whether — and how soon — the former president will stand trial on criminal charges as he seeks the Republican nomination. Analysts say a key part of Trump’s legal strategy is to delay his criminal cases until after the 2024 election to avoid alienating potential voters.

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Former US President Donald Trump speaks to the media at one of his properties, 40 Wall Street, after closing arguments during his civil fraud trial on January 11, 2024 in New York City.  The former president, who is currently the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, attended the closing arguments for the trial that is now heading to trial for the penalty phase in which New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking $370 million in damages and a ban on punitive damages demands.  Trump from doing business in the state.

Honig on the stakes of Trump’s Supreme Court request

President Joe Biden’s campaign joined TikTok this week over concerns about the social media platform’s security. However, on Monday the White House reaffirmed a ban on the use of TikTok on government devices, despite Biden’s appearance. The US government has previously said it is concerned that China could use its national security laws to access the personal information that TikTok, like most social media applications, collects from its US users. The Biden campaign said it will take “advanced security measures” with its devices and integrate an “advanced security protocol to ensure security,” a campaign adviser said, while noting that the campaign’s “presence is independent” of the assessment by multiple agencies of the government in TikTok.

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exp Biden Tiktok 021203PSEG3 cnni world_00001001.png

Biden joins TikTok over national security concerns

After a failed moon landing mission last month, NASA is preparing for a second attempt to make the first landing on the moon for the US in more than fifty years. The lunar lander, nicknamed Odysseus, or Odie for short, will fly on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Wednesday at 12:57 p.m. ET. Once in Earth’s orbit, the lunar lander will detach from the rocket and fly through space for just over a week. If successful, Odysseus would become the first American spacecraft to soft-land on the moon since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972.

The Senate passes a $95 billion foreign aid bill
The Senate voted early today to pass a $95.3 billion foreign aid bill that includes aid to Ukraine and Israel. This set off a confrontation with the House of Representatives after Speaker Mike Johnson criticized the legislation. It is unclear whether Johnson will vote on it and many Republicans in the House of Representatives are against further aid to Ukraine.

Special election to replace George Santos in Congress
A high-stakes election in New York today will decide who will replace former Rep. George Santos in the state’s Third Congressional District. Santos was expelled from the House of Representatives in December after a disastrous period mired in political controversy. His expulsion for ethics violations made him the sixth lawmaker ever expelled from the House.

Jon Stewart is back on ‘The Daily Show’
Monday was the first night that Jon Stewart returned to hosting “The Daily Show” after more than eight years. Here’s how the show went.

Retailers are working to meet Valentine’s Day demand
Cocoa prices are rising. Does this affect your Valentine’s Day chocolate?

Tiger Woods launches new clothing partnership
The golf star is teaming up with a new clothing company after ending a 27-year Nike partnership.

This underwater wall was built more than 11,000 years ago
Scientists say this Stone Age megastructure was not formed by nature, but rather by hunter-gatherers who lived thousands of years ago.

Greenland has lost ice 36 times the size of New York
Parts of the land once covered in ice and snow have been converted into wetlands or shrublands. View photos here.

123.4 million
That’s how many people watched Super Bowl LVIII, setting a new viewership record as the most-watched TV broadcast in a generation. It was the largest crowd since the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969.

“To our knowledge, no Starlinks have been sold directly or indirectly to Russia.”

-Elon MuskHe denies that Russian forces are using his company’s Starlink satellite communications network in the war against Ukraine. However, Ukrainian forces repeatedly claim to have confirmed Russian use of the internet service by frontline troops.

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sharpen brain health Sanjay head-on

Crosswords won’t sharpen your brain, but this will

Crosswords won’t sharpen your brain, but this will
Watch this video to see what daily activities can help improve your brain health and fight dementia at any age.

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