April 24, 2024

8 styles you’ll love now and forever

Fashion trends these days have a tendency to burn fast and bright and fade away almost as quickly as they came. After all, we live in an age of fleeting TikTok #cores that arrive one day and are quickly replaced by something like the “Mob Wife” or “Eclectic Grandpa” aesthetic the next. However, this isn’t the case with the engagement ring trends of 2024, which all feel like subtle updates to designs with lasting power. The newest options out there have the potential to remain relevant for many years to come, as long as your choice and personal tastes align.

A clever way to narrow the selection? “Save photos of every ring you like and make a folder with them all together,” says designer Ashley Zhang, whose vintage-inspired and custom pieces are a hit with fashion-obsessed brides-to-be. styles side by side it can be helpful to see if there is a common element, or if some you don’t like as much as you thought.”

But if a well-curated mood board helps you focus on engagement ring shopping, trying bands IRL is more likely to inspire your final decision. Nothing compares to slipping rings on your own finger to see what they look like. “Try it, but don’t overwhelm yourself,” suggests Mia Moross, founder of The One I Love NYC, who emphasizes that you should always choose what feels best for you, no matter what’s on your social media feed. Don’t keep thinking about it, that’s it.” She also says to prioritize the quality of diamonds and gemstones over the setting style, because bands can be redesigned later for your evolving taste. “It’s the stones that last forever are.”

And can’t you find anything in a store that specifically appeals to you? Go the tailor-made route. “Once you have an idea of ​​what you like and what feels good on your hand, working with a trusted jeweler on a custom piece is always the best choice,” says Noon founder Sophia Armstrong, noting that an open mind can mean a lot. You’re well on your way to finding something you want to wear every day. Kinn Studio founder Jennie Yoon, meanwhile, suggests shopping around with a few different designers with different sensibilities. “I made arrangements to try on all shapes and sizes,” she says. “You know immediately what you don’t like. Often customers are pleasantly surprised by a style they thought they wouldn’t like.”

Start your search ahead, where we’ve been gathered by eight experts on the engagement ring trends that will reign supreme in 2024 – and will be around for much longer.

Thicker bands

Speaking as someone who recently got engaged and opted for a solid design, I can attest to the following: This silhouette has a beautiful way of blending in seamlessly with whatever you’re wearing, while still making you feel special and elevated. “I see a trend towards fatter or heavier bands,” says Zhang. “These rings can look both modern and vintage and can still be easily stacked with different straps.”

Border settings

You want something traditional, that’s it not a tooth setting? Bezel cuts – where the stone is completely encased in precious metal – have been around for thousands of years, but still feel current. “I will forever love a bezel setting for its sleek look and the security it provides,” says Armstrong, who offers her customers a signature hybrid bezel setting with chubby claws. “These simple settings are so comfortable to wear and easy to maintain,” adds Zhang.

Sapphires and emeralds

Non-diamond center stones aren’t a new concept, but experts have recently noticed that customers are gravitating toward two choices specifically: emeralds and sapphires. “These stones are great for accents or as a center stone in an engagement setting,” says Zhang, adding that her clients often mix them with diamonds for extra sparkle. These stones also offer a lot of resilience. “It is important to consider the durability of colored stones for a ring that will be worn every day,” says Suzanne Martinez, co-owner of Lang Antiques & Estate Jewelry. “Sapphires – which come in all colors of the rainbow – and rubies are recommended because they are harder stones.”

Buttery yellow bands

Yellow gold remains a popular metal choice for engagement rings, but some brides are taking it a step further. “There is a noticeable trend of brides and grooms asking for 22-carat gold,” says Moross, who calls the look “fine maximalism.” She notes that the era of delicate stackable bands and 14-karat gold seems to be behind us and sees that the industry is “beginning to make way for a ‘more is more’ approach in the world of wedding jewelry.” Armstrong also takes this shift in direction into account. “Right now it’s all about yellow gold. My personal preference is 18 carat gold,” she says. “Most of my clients are also attracted to higher karat gold, it’s so vibrant and buttery.”

Old stones

An engagement ring with a backstory has extra meaning, a big reason why many brides are drawn to vintage stones. “Old Mine and old European cut diamonds are very popular with us,” says Zhang. “These are antique diamonds (over 100 years old!) that have been taken from older jewelry and reused for engagement rings.” Moross has also noticed an interest in antiquity among her clients. “They are fascinated by the story,” she says. “Nothing tells a more compelling story than that of antique diamonds. I believe consumers will not fixate on the cut, but will be drawn to the story of the stone.”

Mixed metals

For a slightly non-traditional look that still retains its elegance and versatility, mixed metals are a beautiful choice that more and more people are making. “Gone are the days of matchy-matchy jewelry, and that includes engagement rings and wedding bands,” says Martinez. “Some brides forgo convention and opt for mixed or single metal engagement rings, paired with bands of a different color. The look adds a little element of surprise and complements the rest of her jewelry collection.” A different trajectory? An engagement ring that incorporates multiple metals in one style.

Toi and Moi

The Toi et Moi ring has been a celebrity favorite of late and shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon. “This style remains the most sought after, and I think two- and three-stone engagement rings will continue to be popular in 2024,” says Yoon. And although you could opt for a Toi et Moi with two diamonds, the structure also offers a great opportunity to insert another gemstone. “We have received many emerald requests for solitaire engagement rings and also as an accent stone in Toi et Moi designs,” notes KATKIM founder Katherine Kim.

Cushion cuts

Although oval cuts have been popular in recent years, some designers are seeing a return to the cushion cut. “I’m getting a lot of requests for elongated pillow shapes right now,” says Armstrong, who currently considers pillows her favorite shape (“think soft bubbly square”). ‘I also foresee awnings and removals [a blend of marquise and oval cuts]and more obscure forms are brought into the mix.

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