April 12, 2024

A leap forward in satellite monitoring

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) services include the ability to monitor, track and predict the location and behavior of satellites in orbit. They are critical to the safety, security and sustainability of space activities. Beyond Gravity (formerly RUAG Space) is a leading aerospace vendor and recently launched a new SSA solution distinguished by its excellent accuracy and data quality. The solution leverages more than six years of data collection from diverse sources and was built with a trusted partner. Beyond Gravity’s SSA product not only tracks satellite flights, but also provides its users with extensive ground footprint information, revealing details about the technology and instruments on board the satellite. This gives users an in-depth insight into the capabilities of a satellite.

Accelerated decision making

Beyond Gravity’s SSA solution meets the diverse needs of both commercial and institutional customers. The latter include security units, disaster response teams or government agencies. In just seconds, the online platform provides comprehensive information about a satellite’s activities, including potential observation, listening or interference opportunities within specific regions and terms. For example, by taking advantage of the highly accurate satellite intelligence provided, users can quickly organize relief after natural disasters or safeguard national and global interests. Oliver Grassmann, Executive Vice President of Beyond Gravity’s Satellites division, emphasizes: “Our new SSA solution is designed to create great added value for our customers, for example by significantly accelerating decision-making. It identifies satellites with the necessary capabilities that will fly or have flown over a specific area with unprecedented accuracy, allowing emergency services to quickly access this information. This can particularly expedite the rescue of persons identified through satellite images.”

Oliver Grassmann, Executive Vice President Satellites at Beyond Gravity.

Reliable and adaptable solution

The Beyond Gravity SSA solution was developed in a long-term and collaborative partnership. Oliver Grassmann explains: “Our SSA platform, based on millions of data points and daily monitoring of satellite capacity, delivers unparalleled operational and technical insight into more than 10,000 satellites. It provides a secure, seamless experience for both government and commercial stakeholders.” He adds: “Our solution is adaptable and already benefits a broad spectrum of partners through improved data interoperability, such as for Command-and-Control (C2) systems and map layers (e.g. KML).”

Unique data solution

With the introduction of its SSA solution, Beyond Gravity is not only expanding its product range, but also entering the growing market for space data services. This move is in line with the projected growth of the global space economy, which is expected to surpass a trillion dollars by 2040, alongside a significant increase in demand for data solutions. CEO André Wall underlines this opportunity by stating: “Leveraging our four decades at the forefront of space technology, we are poised to drive additional growth for Beyond Gravity in the dynamic data market. We have developed a unique data solution that creates outstanding value for our customers by providing unparalleled insights into the capabilities of satellites. Our solution shows how space technology can significantly improve life on Earth, and underlines the crucial role of space data in various industries.”

Beyond Gravity's Space Situational Awareness (SSA) solution provides technical insight into more than 10,000 satellites.  Screenshot of the SSA application, showing the (mock-up) technical information and footprint of a satellite over Europe.
Beyond Gravity’s Space Situational Awareness (SSA) solution provides technical insight into more than 10,000 satellites. Screenshot of the SSA application, showing the (mock-up) technical information and footprint of a satellite over Europe.
Standard SSA solutions Beyond Gravity SSA solution
Non-validated public information Validated combination of data (public, OSINT open source intelligence and primary data)
Focus on activities in space (e.g. collision avoidance) Focus on satellite flights and footprints on the ground
No technical insights from satellites Deep insight into the technical capabilities/footprints of satellites
Target group: public and satellite operators Target group: Strategic decision makers and land operators
No offline version Can work offline (under certain conditions)
Standalone tool, expensive to integrate with other systems Full interoperability, easy to integrate with other systems

What is space situational awareness?

Space Situational Awareness (SSA for short) is the knowledge of the space domain. SSA includes the ability to monitor, track and predict the location and behavior of objects in space. SSA services may include satellite tracking, space surveillance, satellite overflights, orbital awareness, etc.

What is the difference between SSA and SDA?

As of 2019, the United States Space Command exclusively uses the term SDA (Space Domain Awareness) to describe the ability to track and monitor objects in space. In our view, Space Domain Consciousness is a larger construct. Space Domain Awareness (SDA) encompasses a broader range of SSA activities, which go beyond the limitations of Situational Awareness and include additional components, system systems networks, space weather, or Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST).

For more information about Beyond Gravity’s SSA solution, visit: https://www.beyondgravity.com/en/satellites/space-situational-awareness

Request a demo of the Beyond Gravity SSA solution: https://www.beyondgravity.com/en/satellites/space-situational-awareness#request-a-demo

More about Space Situational Awareness in general:

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