April 12, 2024

Anime Fighters Simulator Codes April 2024

April 1, 2024: Three new Anime Fighters Simulator codes have been released for the Easter event.

What are the new Anime Fighters Simulator codes? With the classic Roblox anime adventure set to be revived in 2023, we’ve been hard at work testing codes to get you streaming through the latest update as soon as it releases. Even if you haven’t played Anime Fighters in a while, the freebies on offer can quickly get you back to full strength or, if you’re a veteran, help you climb further up the rankings.

While we wait for the next Anime Fighters update, consider checking out some of the best Roblox games for 2023. For some notable details and recommendations, you can’t go wrong with Blox Fruits Codes, Anime Adventures Codes, and Shinobi Life 2 Codes. They are hallmarks of the Roblox anime category. For another mix of your favorite characters, All Star Tower Defense codes are also popular.

New Anime Fighters Codes

Here are the latest Anime Fighters Simulator codes:

  • New heavenly! – Free rewards (NEW)
  • LoyalsCodeRe – Free rewards (NEW)
  • Easter2024 – Free rewards (NEW)
  • Easter eggs!
  • Goshupdate! – Mint bun
  • LoyalsCode! – Free rewards
  • Update57!
  • NewEvoMachine!
  • 20KWEUP!
  • KoroFightersSim!
  • VALENTINE – Transfer and Grimoire tokens and Shiny and Luck boosts
  • Special15K – Drinks and tokens
  • BirthdayBoss19 – free rewards
  • Winter event – free rewards
  • CreationBirthday – 3x Grimoire Tokens, 2x Transfer Tokens, 3x Super Luck and 3x Super Time
  • AFS2024! – Five transfer tokens, five shiny boosts, three super luck boosts and five grimoire tokens
  • Merry Christmas! – Two shiny pots, two transfer tokens and two grimoire tokens
  • Delay Apologies – Five Shiny pots, five transfer tokens and four grimoire tokens
  • Update51 – Three Shiny Boosts
  • Great Apologies – Six passive transfer tokens
  • DelayUPD51 – two grimoire tokens
  • ZnxCvb9 – Passive transfer tokens and super drop boosts OR super damage and luck boosts in hardcore
  • Sorry about bugs – Luck boosts and Super Drops boosts
  • CastlevaniaHype – Transfer tokens
  • Update49 – Token transfer, time boosts and drop boosts
  • !Update48! – Transfer tokens and drop boosts
  • HAPPY HALLOWEEN – Token transfer, time boosts and drop boosts
  • Delayed Halloween – Transfer tokens
  • RobloxSolved?? – Token transfer, time boosts and drop boosts
  • !Update47! – Token transfer, time boosts and drop boosts
  • !Update46! – Token transfer, time boosts and drop boosts
  • 1 MILLION LIKES! – Transfer tokens and drop a boost
  • SorryUpdate46! – Transfer tokens and time boosts
  • SubToFminusmic – Two shiny drinks
  • CALEBSHELLO – Ten dungeon tokens
  • !BOSS STUDIO! – 15 minute happiness boost
  • AFSComeback – Two dungeon tokens
  • Insane1 million – Various articles
  • The abyss – Various articles
  • World at war – Various articles
  • Summer event2 – Free boosts
  • Summer event – Various articles
  • Sub2Codenex – Ten minutes of happiness boost
  • Sub2Veyar – Ten minutes of happiness boost
  • Bronze piece_ – Various articles
  • RealDaireb – Various articles
  • PadBoi – Ten minutes of happiness boost
  • sulley1m – Various articles
  • a trademark – One divine fruit
  • 1MilFaves – Yen and EXP boosts

Expired codes

  • UPDATE45!
  • Sorry for the delay!!!
  • Update44Released
  • Keke
  • QOLChanges!
  • Update44!
  • QOLPatch
  • DungeonCDRESET
  • Update41
  • SaopauloW
  • Reset DungeonCD
  • BlastOff2023
  • BuffPatch
  • Update40!
  • Summer2023!
  • INFINITY patch
  • SorryDelay
  • UPD37!
  • Dungeon recovery
  • Data-solid?
  • 100K players
  • BrazilOnTOP
  • KingIsBack
  • 25kplayers!
  • halloween event ends
  • Thanks900k
  • SoulAcademy
  • DungeonRefund
  • MiniUpdatePog
  • DungeonRefund2
  • DungeonRefund3
  • UpdateDelaySad
  • AFSAbirthday
  • WizardRealm
  • Fourth of July
  • Half a billion
  • 800 clicks
  • Time travelTokyo
  • Orca Prison
  • Update25.3
  • WorldOfGames
  • Fashion empire
  • AFSAbirthday
  • LandOfGuts
  • 2k22
  • 700 clicks
  • Psychic City
  • The hole
  • NinjaCity
  • NinjaCityRaid
  • Passive Bug
  • Passive Bug2
  • Christmas
  • Underworld
  • Ice waste
  • cycleno
  • FlameCity

How do I use Anime Fighters Simulator codes?

Once you are all logged into Roblox and Anime Fighters Simulator, you can redeem your AFS codes right away. Just look for the little Twitter icon among the cluster of buttons on the left side of the screen.

Once the codes menu appears, type (or paste) your Anime Fighters Simulator codes one by one and tap the “>” button each time to redeem working codes.

Any rewards will go directly to your inventory. You don’t have to worry about surprise boosts being triggered automatically.

How do I get more Anime Fighters codes?

You can get more AFS codes by following some different social media profiles of the game’s developers. Anime Fighters Simulator has changed hands a few times over the years; chances are you follow accounts that used to provide codes, but no longer do so.

Dareb And Bronze piece would be examples of social media profiles that probably won’t be handing out Anime Fighters Simulator codes from now on, but it doesn’t hurt to follow them if you’re hopeful.

Follow Theboss on YouTube for new Anime Fighters Simulator codes. He is a developer with many major Roblox anime games to his name. Secondly, he also promises codes on his Instagram. We’ll link his Twitter profile purely because it’s in the game’s Codes menu, but he only uses it to link to his Instagram. Still, you never know when he’ll change his mind.

Another place you’ll want to check out regularly is the official Anime Fighters Discord channel. With over 360,000 members waiting for new codes to appear, why not expand their ranks? You’ll get patch notes there and can generally get help from the community more easily if you’re even in trouble.

Still craving more Roblox adventures? Some of the most popular games out there use a similar feature to give out freebies. For more information, you can download these PLS Donate codes or Punch Wall Simulator codes. For more anime-inspired experiences, we also have GPO codes and Project Slayers codes.

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