February 20, 2024

College Football Top 25: Conference Championship Weekend

Without a doubt, The Big Game and Rivalry Weekend as a whole lived up to the hype. Michigan and Ohio State battled until the final minute before the Wolverines finally prevailed, Alabama got some semblance of divine intervention to claim victory in the Iron Bowl, and the Washington Huskies survived a brutal four-game stretch to close their regular season to close and remain perfect. .

This weekend it’s all about conference championship games and, in some cases, a final case before the College Football Playoff committee.

Therefore, the path to the Playoff is clear for Georgia, Michigan and Washington. If you win your conference championship this weekend, you’ll be in the Playoff. It’s a little murkier for the state of Florida and Oregon, and even more so for Alabama and Texas, and even less straightforward for the state of Ohio.

And then there’s the matter of deciding who will take the stage in New York City and claim the Heisman Trophy. That will also be decided this weekend.

Through it all, there are countless opportunities to find value in a potential bet. Join the conversation about college football betting Friday at 11 a.m. ET. From sides to totals to props, get ready for a weekend of college football with the NBC Sports College Football Betting Questions and Answers.

Although not as much as in previous weeks, Rivalry Weekend did provide some movement in the NBC Sports Top 25.

1 Georgian bulldogs

Balance: 12-0 | ATS: 4-7-1 | Last week: 1
Next: Saturday vs. #6 Alabama (11-1) | Distribution: Bulldogs -5.5 | O/U: 55.5

2 Michigan Glutton

Balance: 12-0 | ATS: 6-5-1 | Last week: 2
Next: Saturday vs. #15 Iowa (10-2) | Spread: Wolverines -23.5 | O/U: 35.5

3 Washington Huskies

Balance: 12-0 | ATS: 5-6-1 | Last week: 4
Next: Friday vs. #4 Oregon (11-1) | Distribution: Ducks -9.5 | O/U: 66.5

4 Oregon ducks

Balance: 11-1 | ATS: 9-2-1 | Last week: 6
Next: Friday vs. #3 Washington (12-0) | Distribution: Ducks -9.5 | O/U: 66.5

5 Florida State Seminoles

Balance: 12-0 | ATS: 7-5 | Last week: 5
Next: Saturday vs. #19 Louisville (10-2) | Distribution: Seminoles -2.5 | O/U: 48.5

Vaughn Dalzell (@VmoneySports): The College Football Playoff will be one to remember as the top seven seeds all have legitimate chances to make the four-team playoff. If you win Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Washington, you’re probably in. Georgia and Michigan are the only safe teams in the field. If Washington and Florida State win, but Georgia loses to Alabama, we’re all left with a decision between Florida State and Alabama as the No. 4 seed, which could be chaotic.

Eric Froton (@CFFroton): It all comes down to this weekend, with Michigan seemingly the only true lock to make the College Football Playoff. Oregon and Washington will work out their differences in the Pac-12 title game, with the winner almost certain to get an invite. Florida State is desperately trying to hold on to a playoff spot. The Noles started as 4.5-point favorites in the ACC Championship, but that number has been reduced to 2.5 points because the Sharps don’t believe in FSU. However, perhaps the Seminoles will secure a spot if they beat Louisville by a big margin. The Alabama vs. Georgia result will either clear up the playoff picture with a UGA win or muddy the waters with an Alabama win that would cause havoc.

6 Alabama Crimson Tide

Balance: 11-1 | ATS: 8-4 | Last week: 7
Next: Saturday vs. #1 Georgia (12-0) | Distribution: Bulldogs -5.5 | O/U: 55.5

7 Texas Longhorns

Balance: 11-1 | ATS: 6-5-1 | Last week: 8
Next: Saturday vs. #22 Oklahoma State (9-3) | Distribution: Longhorns -14.5 | O/U: 55.5

8 Ohio State Buckeyes

Balance: 11-1 | ATS: 7-4-1 | Last week: 3
Next: TBD

9 Missouri Tigers

Balance: 10-2 | ATS: 8-4 | Last week: 9
Next: TBD

10 Penn State Nittany Lions

Balance: 10-2 | ATS: 9-3 | Last week: 10
Next: TBD

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11 Oklahoma Sooners

Balance: 10-2 | ATS: 8-4 | Last week: 13
Next: TBD

12 Mississippi Rebels

Balance: 10-2 | ATS: 6-4-2 | Last week: 12
Next: TBD

13 Wild cats from Arizona

Record: 9-3 | ATS: 10-2 | Last week: 15
Next: TBD

14 LSU Tigers

Record: 9-3 | ATS: 8-4 | Last week: 14
Next: TBD

15 Iowa Hawkeyes

Balance: 10-2 | ATS: 6-5-1 | Last week: 19
Next: Saturday vs. #2 Michigan (12-0) | Spread: Wolverines -23.5 | O/U: 35.5

Dalzell: Texas has the longest odds of the top seven seeds to make the postseason, with its only loss coming in the final seconds against Oklahoma. The Longhorns’ resume is legit and their case for a playoff berth is solid. However, if Alabama beats Georgia, the timing of the Longhorns’ win over the Tide becomes problematic and Texas will likely miss the College Football Playoff. The only way Texas makes it is if Georgia beats Bama, Michigan beats Iowa, Washington beats Oregon and Florida State, plus Alabama both lose. Texas will then have a case for the No. 4 seed as it battles a two-loss Oregon team and a one-loss Florida State team minus their star quarterback.

Froton: Texas has what appears to be the easiest of the Power 5 matchups as a 14.5-point favorite against a plucky but outmatched Oklahoma State team. However, in a tight race where style points count, it would have helped the Longhorns if they could avenge their only loss to Oklahoma, but Oklahoma State pulled off a dramatic Double-OT win over BYU to eliminate that possibility. A win at Iowa would take the Hawkeyes to a New Year’s Six Bowl, but that’s an extremely unlikely scenario given their offensive shortcomings and the prowess of Michigan’s defense.

16 Notre Dame battles Irish

Record: 9-3 | ATS: 8-3-1 | Last week: 20
Next: TBD

17 Tulane Green Wave

Balance: 11-1 | ATS: 5-7 | Last week: 18
Next: Saturday vs. SMU (10-2) | Spread: Green Wave -5.5 | O/U: 48.5

18 Clemson Tigers

Balance: 8-4 | ATS: 6-6 | Last week: 22
Next: TBD

19 Cardinals of Louisville

Balance: 10-2 | ATS: 6-6 | Last week: 11
Next: Saturday vs. #5 Florida State (12-0) | Distribution: Seminoles -2.5 | O/U: 48.5

20 North Carolina Wolfpack

Record: 9-3 | ATS: 7-5 | Last week: 25
Next: TBD

21 James Madison Dukes

Balance: 11-1 | ATS: 8-4 | Last week: 24
Next: TBD

22 Oklahoma State Cowboys

Record: 9-3 | ATS: 7-5 | Last week: NO
Next: Saturday vs. #7 Texas (11-1) | Distribution: Longhorns -14.5 | O/U: 55.5

23 Oregon State Beavers

Balance: 8-4 | ATS: 6-6 | Previous week: 16Next: TBA

24 Freedom flames

Balance: 12-0 | ATS: 8-2 | Last week: 21
Next: Friday vs. New Mexico State (10-3) | Spread: Flames -10.5 | O/U: 54.5

25 Toledo rockets

Balance: 11-1 | ATS: 6-6 | Last week: 23
Next: Saturday vs. Miami OH (10-2) | Distribution: Missiles -7.5 | O/U: 44

Dropped out of the Top 25: State of Kansas

Dalzell: I think it’s worth noting that just two weeks ago Oregon State was No. 10 and No. 11 in our polls, but back-to-back losses have knocked the Beavers out of the Pac-12 Championship race. Oregon State will be a team worth rooting for in bowl games, as three of the four losses came by a total of eight points.

Froton: Tulane is fortunate to be playing a stumbling SMU team that just lost star QB Preston Stone to injury last weekend against Navy and is already without their top two starting RBs, Jaylen Knighton and LJ Johnson. A win should secure the Green Waves’ place in a New Year’s Six Bowl. Liberty, JMU and Toledo round out the elite G5 schools that made the Top 25. Sincere congratulations to JMU who will still get to play in a bowl game in their first year as an FBS program.

The boys will play this Friday morning at 11A Eastern on the NBC Sports College Football Betting Questions and Answers. They take sides and totals and place a few bets on pizza and roast beef sandwiches.

Enjoy the games and enjoy the sweat.

*all odds courtesy of BetMGM

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