April 12, 2024

Evers signs four bills to support mental health care

Gov. Tony Evers signed four mental health bills into law last week, but vetoed a fifth bill that would have allowed Wisconsin residents to receive telehealth counseling services from out of state.

Three bills provided support for law enforcement, public safety personnel and correctional officers, while the fourth would expand the number of regional urgent care and observation centers, duplicate what is available at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute and allow patients to move closer to can be treated at home. .

These new laws, in addition to harm reduction efforts related to legalizing xylazine or “tranq” test strips, were written after Evers declared 2023 “The Year of Mental Health,” stating on January 24, 2023: ‘We cannot look back in two years’ time as we prepare the next budget and wonder whether we should have done more and sooner to look after our mental health. Let’s take this seriously and start today.’

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