February 26, 2024

Games like oxygen not included – 7 best similar games to play

Survival games have always been a top-rated genre, but Klei Entertainment has raised the bar with Oxygen Not Included, making players demand similar games. This single-player survival/simulation game is rated 10/10 on Steam and has an astonishing 95% positive rating rate on SteamDB. If Oxygen Not Included has piqued your interest, here is our list of the top seven games like Oxygen Not Included that you should try out.

Top 7 games like oxygen not included

7. The Planet Maker

Screenshot of the Planet Crafter game with a space shuttle ready.
Image via Steam

The Planet Crafter is a game that has many similarities with Oxygen Not Included. However, it is not very well known. The game is about your character arriving on a planet that initially seems hostile and uninhabitable.

Your only goal is simple, and that is to make it habitable for other people. You’ll have some basic stats later like oxygen, heat, pressure, and biomass. To fulfill your mission, you must use various machines and techniques to terraform the planet and bring these statistics to livable levels.

As you slowly develop your habitat on the planet, you will unlock new features such as animals and plants. The most important way to evolve is to increase your Terraformation Index. You also need to ensure that your energy consumption is balanced with your energy production so that you can progress smoothly.

6. State of disrepair 2

Screenshot image from the game State of Decay 2.Screenshot image from the game State of Decay 2.
Image via Undead Labs

State of Decay 2 is a popular zombie survival game with all-in-one gameplay. The game is a third-person survival game, in which you search for items in an open world together with three other players. Like most survival games, you must gather resources and build defenses against the oncoming waves of zombies to survive.

Balanced use of resources, i.e. food, medicine, ammunition and building materials, is essential for survival. The game offers both multiplayer and single-player modes, where AI-controlled survivors guide the player through their survival. You have to work with the other survivors by helping or recruiting them and survive the attack of different types of zombies like Juggernauts or Ferals.

As the game progresses, you’ll discover new layers of complexity and obstacles, such as character traits, moral parameters and different transportation methods.

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5. Frostpunk

Screenshot of the game Frostpunk with a building overview.Screenshot of the game Frostpunk with a building overview.
Image via Steam

Set in the late 19th century, Frostpunk takes players back to an alternate history where they must take on the role of ‘The Captain’ and create a working society. The game takes place in an environment where the world is devastated by a volcanic winter, leaving you with only a small group of survivors who work together to harvest and manage resources such as wood, coal, steel and food.

Each city has a central generator that produces heat, around which you must build important buildings to survive. As the game progresses, you will find that maintaining order is not as easy as you think. Some are dissatisfied with your policies, while others fall prey to the harsh winter temperatures. It’s up to you to maintain order by enacting some harsh laws.

You need to balance the political landscape and monitor technological development to get through these times.

4. Do not starve and do not starve together

Depiction of the main character in Don't Starve being chased by monsters.Depiction of the main character in Don't Starve being chased by monsters.
Image via Steam

Don’t Starve is another masterpiece developed by Klei Entertainment. This survival game follows many of the same aspects as Oxygen Not Included and centers on a scientist who finds himself in a dark parallel world known as the Constant. Players must not only keep the scientist alive and healthy, but they must also avoid supernatural enemies that want to devour him.

Over time, players will also unlock various playable characters. There is also a multiplayer version of the game, Don’t Starve Together, in which groups of players can choose from a large number of characters in an attempt to survive the Constant.

The game really focuses on controlling reality by following a day/night system, allowing food to spoil over time and breaking tools after use. Characters have a Sanity and Hunger meter that you need to take care of. The game has both a Sandbox and Adventure mode for players to play.

3. Project Zomboid

Screenshot of Project Zomboid gameplay, where the character uses cards as barricades and against the storefront.Screenshot of Project Zomboid gameplay, where the character uses cards as barricades and against the storefront.
Image via Project Zomboid

Zombie-themed games are a staple of the survival genre, and Project Zomboid is definitely an experience that stands out from other zombie games. This open-world survival game takes place in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested zone where players must survive as long as possible. The inciting incident of this zombie apocalypse is the ‘Knox infection’, the origin of which is unknown.

Before spawning, you can choose your character’s traits, appearance, and profession, all of which will come into play later. You have four starter cities to choose from, after which you must manage both your personal needs and your need to stay alive. In the meantime, you’ll need to forage for food and read skill books to improve your character’s abilities.

The game has both a sandbox mode and multiplayer and different challenges to choose from. Moreover, there are also several mods that you can download for this game.

2. Subnautics

Image of Subnautica's gameplay.  The main character is wielding a knife and looking at an underwater base.  With several sea animals swimming around.Image of Subnautica's gameplay.  The main character is wielding a knife and looking at an underwater base.  With several sea animals swimming around.
Image via Steam

Anyone who enjoys the survival genre has definitely heard of Subnautica. At one point, every other YouTuber was playing it, increasing its popularity tenfold. This single-player survival game places players on an alien ocean planet where they are the sole survivor of a spaceship crash.

Just like Oxygen Not Included, you have to gather resources, survive against the locals and find ways to escape. The game is an open-world, first-person survival game set underwater. You have a storyline and objectives to complete to progress, such as building bases and submarines, and collecting tools.

There are many threats to face as the game takes place largely underwater. The nice thing is that this game has four different modes to choose from: hardcore, survival, freedom and creative. Play to your heart’s content to see how you get on.

1. The forest

Image of The Forest gameplay.  The player stands in front of the NPC enemies and holds a lit torch and a lighterImage of The Forest gameplay.  The player stands in front of the NPC enemies and holds a lit torch and a lighter
Image via Steam

The Forest is our last entry on the list and the rating certainly speaks for itself. This survival horror game is unlike any other, placing you in an isolated forest full of cannibalistic monsters. The story is about your character, Eric LeBlanc, searching for his son. Timmy got lost after a plane crash that landed them on a mysterious unknown island.

The problem is that a tribe of cannibalistic mutants live in this forest, and you must create shelter and gather resources while doing your best to avoid them. While they aren’t always hostile, you don’t want to get too close to find out.

Players must venture further into the forest and caves beneath the peninsula and discover stranger secrets. Search for items to build tools and weapons that will help you survive and follow the survival guide you’ve been given. Finally, you need to understand the locals and how they are working for a chance at victory.

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