February 22, 2024

Harmony Montgomery’s stepmother cries as she reveals chilling details of murder: Live

Officers spotted missing 5-year-old in September 2019′: police chief in Harmony Montgomery case

Adam Montgomery’s estranged wife has taken a stand during his trial over the murder of his five-year-old daughter Harmony.

Montgomery’s trial is underway in New Hampshire, more than four years after Harmony was last seen alive in late 2019.

Authorities did not search for the missing child, who was known to protective services, for more than two years.

In 2022, Mr. Montgomery was charged with second-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, tampering with physical evidence and witness tampering.

Kayla Montgomery told police that her husband hit the little girl several times after she had an accident in the bathroom.

“She was crying and making a strange noise,” Kayla Montgomery told the court Friday. “Adam hit her on the head repeatedly… He said, ‘Shut up, stop crying.’

He then placed Harmony’s body in a cooler, which he then put in the freezer at his workplace, before disposing of her remains in March 2020.

Harmony’s remains have never been found.


WATCH: Officers spotted missing 5-year-old in September 2019′: Police chief in Harmony Montgomery case

Officers spotted missing 5-year-old in September 2019′: police chief in Harmony Montgomery case

Andrea BlancoFebruary 12, 2024 5:00 am


NewsWorldAmericasUS Crime News Harmony Montgomery trial jurors taken on grim tour to pizzeria where father hid body

‘In a few minutes we’ll be boarding the bus to visit some locations in Manchester. In some ways, this will be the beginning of a journey you will likely never forget,” prosecutor Ben Agati said Wednesday.

“It is also the last journey Harmony Montgomery took while she was alive and where her body went afterward. It is a journey into the suspect’s actions on the days of the attack and afterwards. We’re going to drive by the place where Harmony was first attacked, or where she was murdered, or where she was… crushed.”

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Kayla Montgomery’s ‘betrayal’ demands in prison letter

During opening statements, the defense introduced a prison letter allegedly written by Kayla Montgomery after she was arrested between December 2019 and June 2021 on charges of theft for collecting welfare benefits for the missing child.

In the letter she allegedly wrote the things she wanted in exchange for ‘betraying Adam’.

Among the things she reportedly asked for were “immunity from everything, all the charges she faced…maybe an ankle monitor, or probation or rehab, kids in my life, not losing custody and having kids live with me .”

Prosecutors had previously suggested during their opening statements that Harmony died after her father repeatedly hit her in the head for soiling herself. The state argued that Kayla Montgomery did not come forward with information sooner because she was abused and “terrorized” by her husband.

On Friday, attorney Caroline Smith read the letter aloud. Among other demands, Kayla wrote that she wanted to see Montgomery “one last time, kiss him and maybe make love to him,” Ms. Smith said, casting doubt on the prosecutor’s argument that Kayla initially lied to officials because she was threatened by Montgomery.

“What you didn’t write was protection from Adam, what you didn’t write was you were afraid of Adam,” Mrs. Smith asked. “You just wanted to be with him before you, as you put it, betrayed him, right?”

“I didn’t think about that…yeah,” Kayla replied.

Kayla Montgomery, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison last year for perjury, is expected to be the prosecution’s strongest witness.

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Montgomery discussed using NutriBullet to further reduce residue

“He wanted to use a handsaw and a NutriBullet,” Kayla told the court. “He said it would be good to use that to get rid of her… I saw Harmony folded the same way we did when we got her out of the car. She looked like she had barely any skin, just skin and bones, and she was very bruised. He left the hot water running… in the tub.”

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Harmony Montgomery ‘self-potty trained’

The prosecutor argued that Harmony had reached all the milestones for a girl her age, and only began to soil herself when she was sent to an abusive environment with her father. Harmony’s foster mother Michelle Raftery told jurors Thursday that Harmony was already potty trained when she was two and a half years old.

“We were privileged to be Harmony’s foster parents… When she was two and a half years old, when she was three years old, she was potty trained,” Ms Raftery said. “She wanted to be in our house just like the older kids. So she told us she pretty much potty trained herself.”

Mrs Raftery cared for Harmony for several periods during her first four years of life as the little girl was regularly taken away from her mother, who had a substance abuse problem. Mrs Raftery said Harmony would call her ‘mum’ and say ‘daddy’ to her husband.

Doctors had initially said Harmony was legally blind in both eyes, had problems with her brain and was not expected to live longer than seven months.

“But I noticed that when I fed her, she would follow me with one of her eyes,” Ms Raftery said. “She was very sweet, very happy. She was very social and loved being with people. Wherever she went, she left people happy.”

Harmony “met every benchmark” and thrived with the help of a dedicated team of doctors while living with the Rafterys.

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Adam Montgomery’s fingerprints found next to Harmony’s blood

After Harmony was murdered on December 7, 2019, her father, stepmother Kayla Montgomery and the couple’s two young children moved in with Kayla’s mother. At the time, Montgomery reportedly kept Harmony’s remains in a red freezer with a white lid.

“He compressed and contorted her body in this bag,” the prosecutor said, showing a medium-sized tote bag.

The state said that when investigators returned to the room two years later, they saw deep bloodstains in the ceiling vent and smelled decomposition.

“And around Harmony’s blood, whatever was left of her… the defendant’s fingerprints and palm prints were stuck there for a while,” the prosecutor said.

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Rampant abuse, damning DNA evidence and a prison letter of ‘treason’: the key revelations from the Harmony Montgomery trial

The first week of Adam Montgomery’s trial over the murder of his five-year-old daughter Harmony got off to a harrowing start as the court heard disturbing theories about the things he did to hide the little girl’s body.

Montgomery, 34, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Harmony Montgomery in December 2019. On Wednesday, he said he planned to plead guilty to two lesser charges of abuse of a corpse and falsifying information.

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Where is Harmony?

The girl’s remains have still never been found.

The Gilford Street property was the focus of much of the search, with investigators seen in the house and backyard for several days.

However, Manchester police said the search was ended there. It is not clear if anything of interest has been discovered and no other locations for searches have been identified.

Anyone with information is asked to call or text 603-203-606

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Jurors at the Harmony Montgomery trial took a grim tour to a pizzeria where Dad hid the body

Montgomery, 34, is accused of brutally hitting Harmony Montgomery in the head with his fist until she stopped breathing, causing her death on December 7, 2019. He is charged with manslaughter, abuse of a corpse, tampering with physical evidence, assault and witness tampering.

The proceedings got off to a chaotic start Wednesday after Montgomery told Judge Amy Messer via videoconference that he planned to plead guilty to two of the charges — abuse of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence — and be tried on the remaining counts.

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How did Harmony die?

During an interview with detectives, Ms Montgomery said Mr Montgomery repeatedly punched Harmony in the face on December 7, 2019, after becoming angry with her for having bathroom accidents in the car their family lived in after moving out of their home in November were set. .

The 48-page probable cause affidavit detailed how Mrs. Montgomery told investigators that her husband allegedly “delivered three to four closed-fist blows to Harmony’s face/head on three separate occasions over the course of a few minutes”. .

After the final blow, Mr Montgomery is said to have said: ‘I think I really hurt her this time. I think I did something.”

Harmony made a “moaning noise” for about five minutes “and then stopped,” Ms. Montgomery told investigators.

No one checked on Harmony or stopped to ask for her medical attention, Ms. Montgomery told investigators.

Instead, the family allegedly continued their drive to a Burger King before returning to the apartment complex where they usually parked their car.

They stayed in the parking lot for twenty minutes before driving away again. In a second interview, Ms. Montgomery admitted that she and Mr. Montgomery used heroin and fentanyl during this period.

It wasn’t until their car, a Chrysler Sebring, broke down that she claims the couple discovered “Harmony wasn’t breathing” and had died.

Mr Montgomery then allegedly placed Harmony’s lifeless body in a red duffel bag. While living in the parking lot, Mrs. Montgomery claimed that her husband would occasionally leave Harmony’s body in the snow to slow the rate of decomposition.

When the family moved in with Ms. Montgomery’s mother and her boyfriend, Mr. Montgomery placed the duffel bag containing Harmony’s body in a red cooler in the common hallway of their apartment building.

The Montgomerys then moved to a shelter, where the bag began to leak. Mr. Montgomery allegedly placed the duffel bag in a garbage bag and stored it in a ventilation shaft in the ceiling of their room.

Police officers later removed the entire section of the ceiling, including the vent, and found stains consistent with signs of decomposition.

Ms. Montgomery gave detectives two different versions of how Mr. Montgomery then transferred Harmony’s body to a much smaller maternity bag that “would not likely fit Harmony’s body unless it was dismembered or severely deformed.”

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