February 26, 2024

Iceland volcanic eruption update: strongest earthquake recorded in 48 hours

Huge cracks appear on the roads in an Icelandic town at risk of a volcanic eruption

The strongest earthquake in 48 hours was detected this morning near the evacuated town of Grindavik, as Iceland’s Met Office continues to warn of the “continued likelihood of an impending eruption”.

In its latest update, the forecaster said there were around 300 earthquakes on Sunday, with a “swarm” near the city lasting just over an hour before midnight.

This included a magnitude 3 earthquake five kilometers northeast of Grindavik at 12:26 am on Monday. In the past 48 hours, the strongest earthquake had a magnitude of 2.7.

Two weeks ago, Grindavik was evacuated after magma-induced seismic activity ripped huge fissures through the city’s streets.

While hundreds of earthquakes still strike the area every day, “seismic activity continues to decline,” the Icelandic Met Office said, adding: “The likelihood of an imminent volcanic eruption is decreasing over time.”

However, a civil protection official told the newspaperThe independent “It’s still dangerous here… I’ve never seen anything like it. Normally we have a few minutes’ warning to get out, but with the weather like today we have even less.”


One big job: someone has to do it

While warnings of a possible volcanic eruption continue, contractors have already started repairing some cracks that appeared in the evacuated town of Grindavik.

As this post on X shows, it will take a lot of soil to fill it. but efforts have begun to reopen some of the city’s damaged roads.

Alex RossNovember 28, 2023 4:00 am


‘The majority of the dike at Svarsengi is paved’

The chance of a volcanic eruption is decreasing now that 90 percent of the dike has solidified, according to the professor of geophysics at the University of Iceland.

Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson told media outlet mbl.is: “This does not rule out that there is still something left and that there is still an open way for the magma to rise, if more magma accumulates.

“But the chance of an eruption has, among other things, become considerably smaller than before.”

Alex RossNovember 28, 2023 2:00 am


Media center closed

While we have been fully monitoring the situation in Iceland, including sending a reporter to the island last week, it appears that media attention is starting to wane as the likelihood of an eruption decreases.

A center was opened to house foreign media – but now local channel RUV.is reports that “all media people have disappeared – although it cannot be ruled out that some may still be in Iceland.”

The center in Hafnarfjörðuris is now available for rent.

Hjördís Guðmundsdóttir, communications director of Almannavarna, said: “You can’t walk in, but there is all the information on the door,” she said. Designate a specific email address and the Tourist Office will respond to all emails received there, in coordination with the National Defense Agency.”

Alex RossNovember 28, 2023 00:01


Icelanders reunited with pets after fleeing their homes due to volcano threat

Charities have taken part in a number of rescues in a bid to save animals in the city, with rescuers returning to look for animals.

Cats, dogs, hamsters and even chickens were at the center of rescue efforts after many were left behind following evacuation orders, giving residents minutes to leave. More than 4,000 people were evacuated.

Read the full article by Barney Davis

Holly EvansNovember 27, 2023 10:00 PM


Is it safe to travel to Iceland? Your rights if you have booked a holiday

The town of Grindavík, just 16 kilometers south of Keflavik International Airport, has been evacuated as a precaution.

Holly EvansNovember 27, 2023 8:08 PM


Did Iceland’s number 1 selfie spot just pop up?

From the spectacular Northern Lights to the breathtaking waters of the Blue Lagoon, Iceland certainly has no shortage of tourist attractions.

As fears of an impending volcanic eruption subside, the city examines how best to recover after the streets were torn apart and residents fled for safety.

Read the full story from our reporter Barney Davis here

Holly EvansNovember 27, 2023 7:15 PM


Update on work in Grindavik

It’s now been more than two weeks since Grindavik residents were evacuated from their homes due to fears of an impending volcanic eruption.

Now that the media were allowed to visit last week for reports, an update was given on the infrastructure of the fishing village.

Víðir Reynisson, senior police officer in the National Police’s public security department, told a briefing that drains in the area were in “fairly good” condition, despite cracks appearing in many of the roads.

He added that according to RUV.is, an attempt would be made this week to restart the activities of fish processing companies.

And he said work on the city’s defenses, including a wall designed to contain the lava flow, had gone better than expected and was ahead of schedule.

Alex RossNovember 27, 2023 4:40 PM


Call for modular homes

A couple who were brought to safety in an ’emergency fund house’ in Keilufelli after a volcanic eruption five decades ago say the government should build modular houses for the people of Grindavik.

Ágústa and Ernst Óskars Kettler were both driven from the Vestmanna Islands after an eruption in 1973 and have not lived at home since, RUV.is reports.

The house they live in, designed in Sweden, is made of wood and they say is homely and successful.

Now they say similar housing should be provided for people evacuated from Grindavik.

Ágústa said: “They should just blow up houses like this by yesterday at the latest, because it is entirely possible to count on some Grindvíkings not being able to think of returning home.”

Alex RossNovember 27, 2023 3:42 PM


The waiting… for something that might not happen

With 1,200 households evacuated from the fishing village of Grindavik, it remains a matter of being kept informed by the country’s main TV news channel, RUV.is, for many residents.

With the police checkpoint more than 15 miles away from the city, people feel far from home. Although they are allowed to come back during the day to pick up items.

Jon Baglundsson, spokesman for the ICE-SAR, a volunteer rescue team, said Independent reporter Barney Davis: “There is no panic, but they realize what can happen… they show understanding and are concerned about their own safety.

“Imagine being evacuated from your home and you have no idea when or if you will have a home to return to. The uncertainty is probably the worst part.”

Alex RossNovember 27, 2023 2:30 PM


Drone footage

Incredible drone footage has emerged showing the extent of the cracks in the streets of the evacuated town of Grindavik.

Our reporter visited the town last week and discovered a structurally damaged parish, but a strong community fighting on despite the circumstances.

Among the people he spoke to was the manager of Kattholt Animal Shelter, who returned daily to rescue hundreds of pets from the city.

He also discovered a new craze where people were taking selfies next to the craters on the road.

Alex RossNovember 27, 2023 12:30 PM

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