February 26, 2024

Inside Galaxy Semiconductor: Uniting teamwork and ingenuity for the advancement of semiconductors

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Having the right team is critical to moving a business forward. A skilled and motivated team can be the driving force behind a company’s success. Each member brings unique talents, perspectives and expertise, contributing to the company’s growth and innovation. A cohesive team fosters a positive work culture and promotes collaboration, creativity and a sense of purpose, which can lead to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

Galaxy Semiconductor Inc. is a pioneering company with a history of more than 25 years, specializing in providing advanced software solutions for the semiconductor industry. Founded in 1998, the company has become a recognized leader in this field, offering a comprehensive suite of products and services that help engineers tackle the complex challenges of semiconductor manufacturing. The expertise lies in the areas of test data analysis, yield and quality improvement, and enables engineers and managers to make informed decisions and continuously improve their chip manufacturing processes.

After initially becoming an industry standard-bearer, Galaxy Semiconductor was acquired by Mentor Graphics in 2016, which in turn was acquired by Siemens. However, under the visionary leadership of Philippe Lejeune and Wes Smith, the company experienced a revival. Recognizing its enduring value, they reacquired Galaxy Semiconductor, reigniting its original purpose and inaugurating “Galaxy Version 2.0.” This updated version focuses on expanding its scope to provide process control software for the semiconductor industry, keeping Galaxy Semiconductor at the forefront of innovation in this ever-evolving sector.

Galaxy Semiconductor has optimized its approach to product development and market expansion, thanks to two very different teams. The US team focuses primarily on sales and marketing, with specific roles focused on expanding market reach, promoting products and providing exceptional customer support and training. The French team, on the other hand, is responsible for product development and rigorous testing, with key roles as developers, UI designers and research and development professionals. This thoughtful division of responsibilities ensures a comprehensive approach, allowing Galaxy Semiconductor to develop technically sound and innovative products in France while effectively promoting and supporting them in the market through its US team.

The team behind the transformative success

The success of Galaxy Semiconductor’s French team is firmly anchored in the dedication and diversity of its exceptional members. Each team member brings unique expertise and experience to drive company growth. Recently we had the chance to meet some of them.

Bernard Garros, current R&D manager at Galaxy Semiconductor, has played a crucial role in leading the company’s research and development efforts. His journey began in 1993 when he worked with Philippe on projects involving legacy Teradyne testers in the semiconductor industry. What initially involved replacing peripherals eventually evolved into upgrading these testers’ CPUs. The team expanded as it took on various projects in the electronics, software and semiconductor industries. While continuing its work with Teradyne testers, it also ventured into side projects such as developing software for credit card printers and cinema closed captioning.

Sandrine Chirokoff is a seasoned software engineer with over 23 years of experience at Galaxy Semiconductor. With a Ph.D. She holds a computer science degree, specializing in program optimization, from the University of Rennes 1 and has dedicated her career to cutting-edge software research and development in the semiconductor industry.

Hervé Thomy is an experienced senior software engineer with extensive international experience in semiconductor technology and more than ten years of software engineering experience. Zied Boulila, a technical scrum master, brings his technical insight and leadership skills to the forefront, effectively bridging the gap between technical teams and agile project management to improve project efficiency.

Arnaud Touchard, Galaxy’s senior software programmer, brings experience in developing real-time solutions for processing and managing large data volumes from stock market transaction flows. His strong command of C++ in a multithreaded context sets him apart. Nicolas Leroux, as Head of Research and Development, demonstrates continuous learning and adaptability to emerging technologies, making him an exceptionally qualified professional.

Gregory Pégot, expert in software quality assurance and DevOps, ensures that software development and implementation meet the highest quality standards. Ghislain Mukendi, a senior QA engineer, focuses on maintaining the quality and reliability of semiconductor technology products, driven by ambition and a proactive approach. These key team members, along with a number of others, are the backbone of Galaxy Semiconductor’s success in France.

Galaxy Semiconductor’s cohesive team exemplifies the power of dedication, teamwork and shared values ​​in leading transformative developments in the semiconductor industry. The ability to adapt to challenges, the shared spirit and the pursuit of a balanced work approach are central to its success. The family atmosphere, characterized by trust, cooperation and a sense of belonging, is crucial for fostering a positive work environment.

Galaxy Semiconductor’s transition to web-based products with the upcoming launch of Hyperdrive underscores the company’s continued commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. This shift, supported by a diverse and talented team, positions the company for continued success in the semiconductor industry. Visit www.galaxysemi.com for more information.

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