February 22, 2024

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Legion IX expansion lets you play as the Romans

Developer Neocore Games announces the expansion for their turn-based RPG called King Arthur: Legion IX, which will bring new enemies, heroes and mechanics.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Legion IX expansion lets you play as the Romans

In the next expansion for the turn-based tactical RPG, players will do what the Romans do in King Arthur: Legion IX. The new DLC adds new enemies, heroes and a larger party and lets you play from the perspective of the Roman Ninth Legion in the most exciting way. The expansion will come in early 2024.

The King Arthur Legion IX expansion allows players to take on the role of the Romans.
The King Arthur Legion IX expansion allows players to take on the role of the Romans.

Do as the Romans do

New combat mechanics will shake up the game, and the new added twist to playing the Roman side will certainly make things interesting considering they are undead. What new abilities they will gain as an undead army has not yet been revealed, but should make it harder to kill them once they have already fallen. Or they can be given an interesting death mechanism that allows you to bring them back to life, there are many possibilities.

Answering brazenly about who you are seems like a good option in terms of dialogue.

A new cinematic trailer prepares players for what awaits Avalon as the Legion prepares to invade and discover what’s left of the Roman colony. A new protagonist will reveal even more secrets of the Lady of the Lake.

New screenshots show the battalion fighting in numerous locations, including an amphitheater. There appear to be multi-target attacks, including an attack that can rain down from the sky.

What doesn’t kill you makes you undead

We do get a few clues about the main character who introduces himself as Gaius Julius Mento. The Mento family was historically one of the powerful ruling class families called the patricians. Interestingly enough, he was in the area when a plague gripped the city. It is not yet known whether this draws inspiration from these events.

Another interesting historical fact is that the Ninth Legion remains a mystery as to what happened to the battalion as records of their exploits seem to disappear after a certain date. This could be another fantasy retelling of their disappearance as they raise a creepy undead army. What we do know is that there will be a larger party size and a whole new story to follow. Somehow they find their way to the mysterious island of Avalon.

Update 2.0 and beyond

New details about the expansion will be released, Neocore says, but we’ll have to wait a little longer. The game is also announced to be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series consoles in February 2024. In case you missed it, the console versions will get new graphics options, a quality mode that supports 4K, and a performance mode that prioritizes framerate. There will also be local player-versus-player to test your mettle on the battlefields of Avalon. The PS5 version will support haptic feedback with its DualSense controller. Both Xbox and PS5 support achievements/trophies.

King Arthur Knight’s Tale is coming to Xbox Series and PS5 in February 2024

A free 2.0 update will be added to the game on December 2, along with a new season. The new season ‘Rising Eclipse’ will bring class-specific and hero-specific balance changes. It will also bring changes to boss battles that will focus on value adjustments, but there are a few surprises in store as the developers tease “you may be… challenged in new ways.” Other adjustments come in the form of map overhauls, adding and removing units to make combat a bit more balanced.

Also expect further changes to loot and items. A new item called Tome of the Hedges allows players to return a hero to the Apsirant Hero List. This was a special wish from players, as they found it a bit too much to have to send heroes away when their Round Table was too full. With the new item you don’t have to permanently make decisions that you might regret.

Another big change is balancing the Teleport to Enemy on Kill Enchantment, which causes problems when used by a well-built champion. This has been changed from 8 to 4. Damage against any Sidhe has been added instead of enchantments against Seelie or Unseelie. This sets up the Rising Eclipse season, making it much more manageable.

Craft workshop

A new permanent addition to the base game is the Artificer’s Workshop, which persists even after the seasonal content has been completed. The Hospice building unlocks the workshop which allows you to improve items or even obtain new ones. You will need sought-after crystals that you can find during missions that come in three different rarities.

Modification will transform the item into a new random device, so there will be some RNG involved, but it will still be within the same category. For example, a one-handed sword is replaced by another one-handed sword. You can change the level or rarity of the item offered by applying the corresponding crystals. This will take some time, requiring you to go on a new mission while the item is being prepared.

King Arthur Knight's Tale - Update 2.0 - Artificer's Workshop coming December 2ndKing Arthur Knight's Tale - Update 2.0 - Artificer's Workshop coming December 2nd
King Arthur Knight’s Tale – Update 2.0 – Artificer’s Workshop coming December 2nd

However, improvements are immediately available, but require some gold. The item’s stats are improved incrementally and the item does not replace the old one.

By default, the Artificer’s Workshop only allows one item per turn, but you can earn more slots by upgrading the building as the game progresses.

King Arthur Knight's Tale - Update 2.0 - Artificer's WorkshopKing Arthur Knight's Tale - Update 2.0 - Artificer's Workshop
King Arthur Knight’s Tale – Update 2.0 – Artificer’s Workshop

Rising solar eclipse

Get ready for the upcoming solar eclipse. The new season adds a new feature called Rifts. So what are they? These unstable tears in the fabric of reality contain uncontrollable energies. The Sidhe seem to already know about them and want to claim them for themselves. In the new season, players will encounter these rifts on the battlefield, giving Sidhe units massive boosts. Rifts act as barriers, meaning they cannot step on tiles where they appear. However, the Sidhe units can step inside these rifts, draining their energy and gaining buffs. They can also chain multiple enhancements together to absorb these powers.

However, Sidhe units will only retain rift buffs until the end of the mission. One good thing about defeating enemies with rift power is that it can be turned into a special resource that can be used to the player’s advantage. Also watch out for breakages outside of combat as they are rare.

The Story of King Arthur Knight for sale

If you haven’t tried the game yet, it combines turn-based tactical gameplay and traditional features. Lead a group of heroes to fight Arthur and restore Camelot. The game has several paths to choose from so you can replay it multiple times. The endgame challenges you with epic boss battles, quests and more loot. The console versions will have improved graphics that will make Avalon look even more beautiful in its dark fantasy style. With the arrival of Update 2.0, even more good things will come to the game.

The game is available for purchase now on Steam, for $26.99, which is a 40% discount. But you need to act quickly because the sale is ending soon. If you’re looking for more Steam stellar steals, check out our list here in Steam Autumn Sale 2023: The 10 Best Games to Buy!

We called the game very nuanced with its mechanics and tactical design. It will certainly keep you on your toes with its tough battles that remain challenging yet fair. You can read what we thought of the game in our review.

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