April 12, 2024

Risant Health completes its acquisition of Geisinger

The organizations are committed to creating a new value-based healthcare platform to improve the health of millions of Americans.

WASHINGTON, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Risant Health has announced the completion of its acquisition of Geisinger as the first healthcare system focused on expanding access to value-based care and coverage. Together, the organizations will create a new value-based healthcare platform that includes best practices, tools, technology and services to support leading community-based healthcare systems.

Risant Health’s goal is to expand and accelerate the adoption of value-based care in diverse, multipayer, multiprovider, community-based health care system environments and to improve the health of millions of people in communities across the country. Through this first acquisition, Risant Health brings together Kaiser Permanente’s integrated care and coverage expertise and Geisinger’s experience in advancing value-based care in a model that includes multiple payers and a broad network of providers, while serving some of the most serves vulnerable and marginalized communities.

With the closing of the Risant Health and Geisinger transaction, Jaewon Ryu, MD, JD, who has served as president and CEO of Geisinger since 2019, will become Risant Health’s first CEO. As announced in March 2024, Terry GillilandMD, will assume the role of president and CEO of Geisinger once Dr. Ryu’s transition to Risant Health is complete.

“Risant Health and Geisinger share a vision for the future of healthcare. Through Risant Health, we will leverage our industry-leading expertise and innovation to expand the nation’s access to high-quality and evidence-based health care, which we know improves care quality and the patient and member experience,” said Risant Health CEO , Greg A. Adams. “We will also learn and benefit from Geisinger and the additional healthcare systems that will become part of Risant Health in the future, to help them grow in new ways, become more affordable and bring value-based care to more people.”

As the first healthcare system, Geisinger will play a key role in shaping Risant Health’s strategy, platform and operating model. Geisinger will maintain its name and mission, continue to accept patients covered by other health plans and offer its members a broad network of healthcare providers in addition to Geisinger.

“Geisinger is proud to formally join Risant Health as its first health care system, which will accelerate our vision to make better health simpler, more affordable and more accessible for the communities we serve,” said Dr. Ryu. “Geisinger can now extend its vision, strategy and impact to more Pennsylvanians thanks to the access to a comprehensive set of tools, expertise and capital that joining Risant Health provides.”

As part of Risant Health, Geisinger will build on its 109-year mission to care for rural and urban communities across Europe. Pennsylvania. Geisinger will have access to capital, technology and resources to fuel facility improvements, drive innovation and investment in patient care and continue the expansion of the Geisinger Health Plan.

Looking ahead, Risant Health’s investments to advance value-based care will accelerate Geisinger’s journey to make better health easier by offering Geisinger members enhanced health insurance options and providing patients with easier access to Geisinger’s high-quality, innovative clinical programs and more robust health management technology. , tools and programs.

Risant Health expects to acquire four to five additional leading community health systems over the next four to five years.

Risant Health’s value-based platform will support its healthcare systems with a suite of technology, services and capabilities designed to deliver superior health outcomes and lower total costs of care, across business models.

The initial platform solutions will help Risant Health organizations deliver evidence-based care everywhere – the “best-of” knowledge to deliver high-quality, effective care at the right time. Additionally, Risant Health will help healthcare systems and their patients know how to easily understand, access and navigate to the right care at the right time and place. Risant Health’s acquisition of Geisinger Health was reviewed and approved by the appropriate federal and state agencies and the transaction was closed on March 31, 2024.

About Risant Health
Risant Health is a not-for-profit charity headquartered in Washington, DC, with a transformative vision to improve the health of millions of people by increasing access to value-based care and coverage. Risant Health is committed to bringing together like-minded, community-based, nonprofit health systems from across the country to achieve better health outcomes through value-based care approaches. Risant Health’s value-based platform will support its healthcare systems with a suite of technology, services and capabilities designed to deliver superior health outcomes and lower total costs of care across diverse business models. Risant Health was founded in 2023 by Kaiser Foundation Hospitals. Read more about Risant Health.

About Geisinger
Geisinger is one of the nation’s leading providers of value-based care, serving 1.2 million people in urban and rural communities around the world. Pennsylvania. Founded in 1915 by philanthropist Abigail Geisingerthe nonprofit system generates $10 billion in annual revenues across 134 healthcare locations – including 10 hospital campuses, and Geisinger Health Plan, with 600,000 members in commercial and government plans. The Geisinger College of Health Sciences trains more than 5,000 medical professionals and conducts more than 1,400 clinical trials annually. With 26,000 employees, including 1,600 employed physicians, Geisinger belongs to the group Pennsylvanias largest employers with an estimated economic impact of $14 billion to the state’s economy. On March 31, 2024Geisinger became the first member of Risant Health, a new nonprofit charitable organization created to expand and accelerate value-based care across the country. Learn more at geisinger.org or follow on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and X.

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