February 22, 2024

Wilcox Ice Cream is removing all products from the shelves due to the listeria outbreak

All Wilcox Ice Cream flavors have been recalled due to concerns that the products could be contaminated with listeria.

The Vermont-based ice cream company was undergoing routine testing by the New Hampshire Department of Health when they discovered that its “Super Premium Mint Chocolate Chip” ice cream tested positive for listeria bacteria in September.

The company has decided to recall all of their Leonardo brand ice cream, yogurt, ice cream bars and gelato through a statement they made through the Food and Drug Administration.

“As part of our investigation, we determined that preliminary testing showed that the ice cream mix we purchased to make our products may contain these substances Listeria monocytogenes” said Wilcox Ice Cream.

They warn that anyone who owns the products on the recalled list should not consume them.

The FDA also reported Tuesday a new food safety alert related to peaches, nectarines and plums sold by HMC Farms and products with a “6359” sticker on Signature Farms packaging.

As of Nov. 17, 11 people in seven states have reported being infected as a result of the fruit outbreak, which has left 10 people hospitalized, one mother experiencing premature labor and one Californian dying, the CDC has recorded.

A new ice cream-related outbreak was also reported in October stemming from products from The Ice Cream House in Brooklyn, New York, where two people were hospitalized due to listeria.

Wilcox Ice Cream said no injuries or illnesses have yet been reported related to their recalled products.

The nearly 100-year-old family business distributed its products to stores in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York.

The bacteria that may have infected these products, listeria, can cause serious infections and sometimes death in young children, frail or elderly people, or others with weakened immune systems.

In pregnant people, the infection has in some cases led to miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth or life-threatening infection of a newborn.

People may experience fever or flu symptoms, headaches, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance and seizures within about two weeks of infection.

This invasive disease can be treated with antibiotics.

A spokesperson for Wilcox Ice Cream said this The independent that they have never had a recall before and that their facilities, equipment, drains and surfaces are currently testing negative.

“The Wilcox Family and the Wilcox team remain deeply committed to all of our valued customers. We never want to experience this again. We are working tirelessly and efficiently to get our factory back into production,” they said.

The bacteria was originally found in the Super Premium Mint Chocolate Chip flavor


In addition to the Super Premium Mint Chocolate Chip flavor, the company has recalled:

Wilcox Premium Product Line (sold by/best by: 9/14/24 – 11/14/24):

  • Wilcox Premium product line all flavors (3 gallon)
  • Wilcox Premium product line all flavors (1 gallon)
  • Wilcox Premium product line all flavors (1.5 liters) – 04372600056
  • Wilcox Premium product line all flavors (quart) – 04372600086
  • Wilcox Premium product line all flavors (Pint) – 04372600085
  • Wilcox Premium Vanilla (4 oz cup) – 0437260401
  • Wilcox Premium Chocolate (4 oz Cup) – 04372600402
  • Wilcox Premium Coffee (4 oz cup) – 04372600403
  • Wilcox Premium Sea Salt Caramel (4 oz cup) – 04372600404
  • Wilcox Premium Maple Cream (4 oz cup) – 04372600405
  • Wilcox Premium Black Raspberry (4 oz cup) – 04372600406

Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM product line (sold on/best on: 9/13/24, 10/6/2024, 11/14/24):

  • Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Salted Caramel Brownie (1.5 Quart) – 04372601520
  • Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Chocolate (1.5 Quart) – 04372601502
  • Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Maple cream (1.5 liters) – 04372601510
  • Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Maple Walnut (1.5 Quart) – 04372601511
  • Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Mint chunks (1.5 liters) – 04372601512
  • Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Super Java (1.5 Quart) – 04372601516
  • Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Vanilla (1.5 Quart) – 04372601519
  • Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Chocolate (1.5 Quart) – 04372601502
  • Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Maple Cream (Pint) – 04372601610
  • Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Maple Walnut (Pint) – 04372601611
  • Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Mint Chunk (Pint) – 04372601612
  • Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Super Java (Pint) – 04372601616
  • Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Vanilla (Pint) – 04372601619
  • Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Salted Caramel Brownie (Pint) – 04372601620

Wilcox’s Premium Yogurt Line (Sold By/Best By: 10/5/24, 10/6/24, 10/26/24, 10/27/24):

  • Wilcox Vanilla Yogurt (Pints) – 04372601520
  • Wilcox Maple Cream Yogurt (Pints) – 04372600698
  • Wilcox black raspberry yoghurt (pints) – 04372600695

Wilcox Ice Cream 802 ice cream bars (sold by/best by: 9/15/24 to 11/14/24):

  • Wilcox Ice Cream Bar (Vanilla) – 043726005041
  • Wilcox Ice Cream Bar (Black Raspberry) – 043726005065
  • Wilcox Ice Bar (Espresso) – 043726005072
  • Wilcox Ice cream bar (peanut butter) – 043726005089
  • Wilcox ice cream bar (maple cream) – 043726005096
  • Wilcox Ice Cream Bar (Pumpkin) – 043726005010

Leonardo’s Gelato Pints ​​and 4 oz Cups (Sold By/Best By: 8/28/24 to 11/14/24):

  • Leonardo’s Maple Gelato (pints) – 81643900055
  • Leonardo’s Sam’s Creamy Chocolate Chip Gelato (pints) – 81643900019
  • Leonardo’s Chocolate Gelato (pints) – 81643900005
  • Leonardo’s Salted Caramel Gelato (pints) – 04372601701
  • Leonardo’s hazelnut gelato (pints) – 04372601703
  • Leonardo’s Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato (pints) – 81643900050
  • Leonardo’s Chocolate Gelato (4 oz) – 81643900028
  • Leonardo’s Sam’s Chocolate Chip Gelato (4 oz) – 81643900040
  • Leonardo’s VT Maple Gelato (4 oz) – 81643900056
  • Leonardo’s Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato (4oz) – 81643900041

Wilcox’s Plant-Based Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert (sold by/best by: 9/13/24):

  • Wilcox’s Non-Dairy, Plant-Based Chocolate Flavor – Pint & Gallons – 04372600420

If customers want a refund, they do not have to return the product to the store.

Instead, they should take a photo of the top and sides of the container and email it along with the quantity, purchase location, and a full name and address to AR@wilcoxicecreamvt.com.

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