February 26, 2024

Women’s Nations League: What are the tables and who needs what to qualify?

England defeated Scotland 2-1 in Group A1 in September

Two games remain in the first group stage of the Women’s Nations League, with promotion, relegation and qualification for next year’s Olympic Games in Paris all at stake.

England still have an outside chance of winning Group A1, but Scotland And Wales are both fighting to avoid relegation to League B.

In the meantime, republic of Ireland have already secured promotion to League A, while Northern Ireland can still go up through a play-off.

With two matches to go in most groups, BBC Sport gives you an overview of how qualifying is going.

How does the Women’s Nations League work?

The 2023-2024 competition consists of two competitions of 16 teams and a third of 19.

League A – the top division – and League B are split into four groups of four, while League C consists of four groups of four and one of three.

The winners of each group in League A will progress to next year’s final tournament, where the two finalists will qualify for Paris 2024.

If France, which has already qualified as host nation, is in the final, the winner of the third-placed play-off will reach the Olympics.

The winners of each group in League B and C are automatically promoted to the division above, with the fourth-placed players in League A and B – and the worst third-placed side in League B – going straight down.

The second-placed teams in League B meet the third-placed teams in League A in a two-legged promotion and relegation play-off for a place in the top tier.

The top three runners-up in League C will also face the remaining three third-placed teams from the second tier in a play-off for a place in League B.

1 The Netherlands 4 5 9
2 Belgium 4 1 7
3 England 4 0 6
4 Scotland 4 -6 1

Team GB will be at next summer’s Olympic Games as the nominated country England reach the final of the Nations League, or finish third in the final tournament if France reaches the final.

But after losses to the Netherlands and Belgium, Sarina Wiegman’s team may not top Group A1 even if they win their final games against the Netherlands and Scotland.

Scotland must win their last two games and hope the other results go their way to avoid automatic relegation to League B. The team that finishes third in Group A1 will advance to the promotion and relegation play-offs in February.

1 France 4 4 10
2 Austria 4 1 7
3 Portugal 4 -3 3
4 Norway 4 -2 2

France will reach the Nations League final if they beat Austria on December 1. Herve Renard’s team can also continue with two draws, regardless of Austria’s results.

Only Austria can topple France at the top of Group A2. Irene Fuhrmann’s team, Portugal and Norway are all in relegation battle.

1 Denmark 4 8 12
2 Germany 4 8 9
3 Iceland 4 -6 3
4 Wales 4 -10 0

Best Wales what he can hope for is a place in the promotion and relegation play-offs. They will play home games against Iceland and Germany on December 1 and 5 respectively.

Denmark can reach the final if they beat Germany on December 1.

1 Spain 4 13 12
2 Sweden 4 1 7
3 Italy 4 -1 4
4 Switzerland 4 -13 0

World champions Spain need two more points to secure a place in the Nations League final. Only Sweden can overtake them at the top of Group A4.

Switzerland will go straight to League B if they fail to get at least four points in their last two matches, and will have to rely on other results going their way.

1 republic of Ireland 4 12 12
2 Hungary 4 -3 5
3 Northern Ireland 4 -3 4
4 Albania 4 -6 1

In Group B1, republic of Ireland secured promotion to League A with two games to spare after beating Albania in October.

Wins over Albania and the Republic in their last two matches may not be enough Northern Ireland to finish second and reach the play-offs for a place in League A.

Two defeats could see Tanya Oxtoby’s side finish fourth and drop straight into League C.

1 Finland 4 10 12
2 Slovakia 4 1 7
3 Croatia 4 -8 3
4 Romania 4 -3 1

Finland is on the cusp of promotion to League A and will achieve this if they beat winless Romania on November 30.

Romania will be relegated unless they win at least one of their last two matches. Croatia are in danger of automatically going down as the worst third-placed team in League B with three points.

1 Poland 4 4 10
2 Serbia 4 4 7
3 Ukraine 4 -2 3
4 Greece 4 -6 3

It’s still all to play for in Group B3. Only Poland is guaranteed a place in the promotion play-offs.

Serbia could still guide them to first place. But the competitiveness of the group is so great that they can still slide in the other direction and finish fourth.

1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 4 2 8
2 Czech Republic 4 2 7
3 Slovenia 4 -2 3
4 Belarus 4 -2 2

Group B4 is just as tight. Incredibly, Belarus in fourth place can still finish first and gain automatic promotion to League A.

However, it would take a remarkable set of results. Bosnia and Herzegovina will top the group if it wins both of its final matches.

1 Malta 4 11 12
2 Latvia 4 8 7
3 Andorra 4 -11 3
4 Moldavia 4 -8 1

Moldova is already out of Group C1 promotion contention, while Andorra’s best hope is for a place in the play-offs.

1 Turkey 4 10 12
2 Luxembourg 4 -3 4
3 Lithuania 4 -1 4
4 Georgia 4 -6 2

Turkey has already been automatically promoted to Liga B. Luxembourg is in second place ahead of Lithuania due to the head-to-head results.

1 Azerbaijan 4 5 10
2 Cyprus 4 0 7
3 Montenegro 4 -1 6
4 Faroe Islands 4 -4 0

Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Montenegro can all still be automatically promoted from Group C3 to League B. The Faroe Islands are out of promotion.

1 Israel 3 7 7
2 Estonia 4 2 7
3 Khazakstan 4 -1 5
4 Armenia 3 -8 0

All remaining teams in Group C4 can still mathematically be automatically promoted to League B. Israel and Armenia both have three matches left to play.

1 Kosovo 3 4 7
2 Bulgaria 2 1 4
3 North Macedonia 3 -5 0

And in Group C5, North Macedonia has already been eliminated from the promotion battle. Bulgaria and Moldova will face each other in a crucial match on December 1.

How do the finals work in the Nations League?

A draw will decide the semi-final between the League A group winners and the home team in each of the matches.

The matches, which will take place between February 21 and 28, 2024, will be played as single-leg matches, with two semi-finals, a third-place play-off and a final.

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