April 12, 2024

WWE 2K24 releases update 1.05


  • WWE 2K24 update 1.05 adds new features such as ring announcer selection and dual title entry support in MyGM mode.
  • DLC plans for the game include major superstars like CM Punk and The Dudley Boyz for even more content.
  • The latest update addresses stability improvements, glitches and camera issues, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience.

Visual Concepts has released update 1.05 for WWE 2K24now available for fans to download on all platforms. WWE 2K24 has gotten off to a strong start, receiving mostly positive reviews during an incredibly hot period for WWE and professional wrestling in general. The game has been praised for its graphics, wealth of content and huge roster of fighters, with more characters to follow.

Visual Concepts has closed the curtain again WWE 2K24 DLC plans, which will add many wrestlers who for whatever reason were not included in the base game roster. This also applies to the mega-popular CM Punk, who made his surprise return to WWE at Survivor Series last year. While fans wait for the WWE 2K24 DLC is released, they can look forward to updates that address feedback and improve the experience overall.


Predict WrestleMania 40 with WWE 2K24’s MyGM mode

According to WWE 2K24’s MyGM mode, many fans will be very happy with the events and results of WrestleMania 40.

Multiple WWE 2K24 Updates have been released to the game since launch, with the latest available now. WWE 2K24 Update 1.05 adds a variety of things to the popular wrestling game, including the ability to choose ring announcers and support for dual title access in MyGM mode. The update also includes “several stability improvements” that should ensure this WWE 2K24 runs smoother than ever.

Issues such as Money in the Bank earnings issues and shadows not appearing correctly in the WrestleMania 31 arena, among others, have also been resolved with the new update. All things considered, the latest WWE 2K24 update appears to be a significant one and should definitely please fans. Of course, more updates are on the way WWE 2K24and so fans can expect Visual Concepts to continue to solve lingering issues.

Fans will undoubtedly appreciate the freebie WWE 2K24 updates, but some may be more interested in getting their hands on the game’s premium DLC. As mentioned earlier, WWE 2K24 DLC plans include the addition of major superstars including the aforementioned CM Punk, The Dudley Boyz, Terry Funk and more. Coincidentally, some new paid DLC is also available starting today through the Forty Years of WrestleMania Pack, which includes alternate WrestleMania-themed outfits for Charlotte Flair, Randy Savage, Rey Mysterio, Rhea Ripley and Triple H.

WWE 2K24 Update 1.05 Patch Notes


  • Various stability improvements


  • Added full CAS support for Samantha Irvin and Alicia Taylor.
  • Match options now also include the ability for users to select their Ring Announcer choice: Mike Rome, Samantha Irvin or Alicia Taylor.


  • Resolved reported issues where The Bear no Hug 2 Submission could prevent the cutscene from firing.
  • Fixed reported issues where the camera incorrectly followed the referee online.
  • Fixed reported issues where the tag at the end of the tag match could cause the camera to lose the correct target.
  • Improvements to Super Finisher’s visual effects regarding timing and duration.
  • Improved camera in ambulance mode in Ramp View.
  • Fixed reported issues regarding backstage level geometry that were blocking the camera on top of the ambulance
  • Camera breaks in gameplay>Presentation options no longer determine camera breaks on Ringside.
  • Added an option to enable/disable Ringside Cameras under Gameplay > Presentation OptionsRingside Camera Cuts.
  • Added an option to enable/disable Super Finisher visual effects.
  • Improved referee targeting logic in Backstage Brawls.
  • Split screen disabled with slope display enabled.


  • Added Toggle Venue Features option to toggle the lighting rigs, trusses, jumbotron, and venue pillars on/off while editing the arena.
  • Improved valid location detection for object placement.
  • Resolved reported issues regarding having 16 or more custom arenas.
  • Reported problems addressed and adjustments made to automatic cameras.
  • Fixed reported issues regarding objects canceling placement and not returning to their original position.
  • Resolved reported issues regarding rope and turnbuckle adjustments that were not applicable to the intended component.
  • Resolved reported issues regarding removing previous customizations when undoing the current customization.


  • Addressed reported issues regarding custom superstars whose fighting style changed to striker when added to the universe.


  • Attuning to extreme difficulties
  • Improved Extreme AI and Extreme game difficulty, providing an extra challenge for those looking for it.
  • AI tuning updates
  • AI is more competitive and is now better at collecting HOF trophies
  • Special guest referee matches can now increase the existing rivalry between the special guest referee and match participants.
  • Pre-show UI updates now display more detailed logistics information.
  • Additional superstar email conversations and interactions.
  • WrestleMania arena updated to WrestleMania 39
  • CAS stars have experience levels that are set automatically.
  • Superstar cost reconciliation.
  • Text scaling and readability for email responses from top stars.
  • Support for double title input.
  • Flowchart reconciliation.
  • Shake up the alignment.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Addressed reported issues regarding shadows not displaying correctly in the WrestleMania 31 daytime arena.


  • Faction Wars armor tuning
  • Improved multiplayer stability
  • Fixed reported issues regarding multiplayer leaderboards
  • MyRise Zero rewards card converted to a Persona card


  • Zero MyFACTION rewards card converted to a Persona card so Zero can be used in all game modes
  • Fixed reported issues related to the WarGames Games story in Undisputed where the DownUpDownUp WarGames version arena was not being rewarded.


  • Reported issues regarding MITB cash-ins have been resolved
  • Resolved reported issues regarding the MITB case being missing or incorrect
  • Fixed superstar assignment when editing gauntlet matches
  • Fixed cutscene issues
  • Improved match card consistency
  • Fixed reported issues regarding the use of custom arenas in-universe
  • Custom AI cash sliders
  • Reported issues regarding Championship match generation have been resolved

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